How Long Does It Take To Get A Passport?

Are you getting ready to travel outside the country for business or a vacation? Have you waited until the last minute to get your pass port and now are worried that you won't get it on time before your trip? Keep reading to find out how long it takes to get a passport.
There are actually three different time frames involved when it comes to your options about getting your passport. The normal time is four to six weeks. This is the time it takes when you fill out the application and send it in. Most people that plan ahead use this option because it is the least expensive way to do it. The second option is to file for an expedited processing of your application. This costs more money and you have to follow different instructions, but it can cut the time you have to wait down to two weeks or less.
The last option is to use one of the companies that specialize in expedited passport applications, which can shorten your time to as little as a week. However these companies charge a premium for this service so it is not recommended unless you truly have an emergency.
The best resource for information about how to get your passport as quickly as possible is the U. S. government pass port site at Make sure you completely understand what you have to do and follow all of the instructions to the letter. If there is a problem with your application it will only make it longer before you can get your passport. Many post offices and local court houses also have information available.
Some of the things you will need before you apply are a piece of positive identification with a picture on it. The most common thing used is a valid drivers license. The next things you will need are two photos. These have to be taken a specific way and must be a specific size. If you don't follow the guidelines your application will be rejected. Other than the application itself and the fee, the only other thing you will need is a birth certificate. It must be a certified birth certificate or it will not be accepted. Currently a normal application costs about $60 while an expedited one adds about $50 to the process. Children are less expensive, saving you about $20.